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Hose Pumps & Hose Pump Spare Parts

Hose pumps also known as a Peristaltic Pump or Squeeze Pump. MGK Industries manufactures this product and its spare parts using high grade raw material in compliance with industry laid norms and guidelines.

Models Supplied : Pennwalt Type - SP 25 and SP 40


  • Very suitable for abrasive materials and corrosive liquids.
  • Designed and built for counter pressures up to 15 bar (kg/cm2)  i.e. 220 p.s.i.g.
  • Self-priming to a 10 m water column
  • Can run dry, i.e. can pump without fluid continuously.
  • Safe for use in explosive environments
  • The material to be pumped does not contact mechanical parts or seals
  • Very easy to clean: smooth liquid passage without valves, dead comers or glands
  • Permanently lubricated by specially compounded lubricant in pump housing
  • Sliding-shoes adjustable by shims.
  • Replacement of hose without dismantling pump
  • Sealed for life, heavy duty bearings

The inner wall of the hose is compressed without internal friction. Abrasive particles are cushioned in the thick soft inner wall of the hose. After compression the abrasive particles return freely into the flow of fluid without damaging the hose wall. The pumping action is transferred to the hose by the radial motion of smooth sliding shoes in a lubricant bath without contact with the fluid to be pumped.


  • Slurries, chemicals, soap, iron oxides, suspensions & solids, radioactive waste, explosives, resins, filter aids, lime, paint, carbon, adhesives, latex, waste oils.
  • Ceramic slip, silica slurries, ore concentrates, paper coatings, plaster, driller’s mud, effluent and sewage sludges, cement grout, graphite slurry, mill scale, sewage, bilge waste, mine tailings, impregnating compounds.
  • Blood, chocolate, caramel, marmalades, sugar syrup, mayonnaise, milk products, meat products, foodstuffs, yeast cells, oils, fats, jellies, pastes, ointments.