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Conveyor Assembly For Decanter

MGK Industries is a leading Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier of excellent quality and durable Pennwalt Type, Alfa Laval Type Decanter Conveyor Assembly (Decanter Helical Flight Conveyor Assembly / Decanter Scroll Conveyor Assembly / Decanter Screw Conveyor Assembly). All our products are 100% interchangeable and equivalent to OEM quality, dimension and fitment wise.

We offer 2 types of Conveyor Assemblies For Decanter Centrifuge :

  • TC (Tungsten Carbide) Tile Conveyor Assembly
  • Hard surfaced Conveyor Assembly

These Conveyor assemblies comprise of the Conveyor, Feed Zone Liner, Feed Cone, TC Inserts, Rear Bearing Assembly, Front Bearing Assembly and (Tungsten Carbide Tiles in case of TC Tile Conveyor assembly) welded on helical flights. High Performance flights have been designed to increase solids residence time in the process area while optimizing the clarified liquid flow. Prior to dispatch the entire job is completely and precisely balanced.

For certain applications, stelliting or hardsurcafing is carried out on the flights of the conveyor instead of welding tile assembly.

Scope of Supply:

  • For Pennwalt Type Decanter Models: P1500, P2000, P3000, P3400, PM20000, PM30000, PM35000, PM36000
  • For Alfa Laval Type Decanter Models: NX414, NX416, NX418, NX4030, NX4050, NX 934, Aldec 10, Aldec 20, Aldec 30, Aldec 40, SGDM 400, PONX 934, SG2 100